Mentoring changes lives
Mentoring changes the world

The MENTOR Project was created to shed light on the benefits of mentoring. We know the benefits mentees receive from finding a good mentor. But did you know that mentors receive as many and often more benefits from mentoring than their mentees? Mentors report feelings of fulfillment, legacy, meaning productivity, and value. They feel connected to the world in a deeper way than before they became a mentor. 

What do we do with the best and brightest experts? 

Have them MENTOR the next generation! 

Many of the most accomplished, brightest experts in every field of work have a desire to give back to the next generation, but they don't know how to get involved.  We believe in the value of mentorship, and passing the torch of knowledge, information, innovation, culture, values and inspiration to the next generation.  Not only do we change ourselves when we mentor, but we change the lives of our mentees, and we change the world. Every mentor makes a permanent impression, and the legacy lives on.




Those Who Mentor the Younger Generation Are Three  Times More Likely to be Happy

by Harvard Business

Thrive Global

What Does a Legacy Look Like?

by Deborah Heiser

What is Generativity and Why Should I Care?

by Deborah Heiser

What Makes a Good Mentor?

by Deborah Heiser

5 Benefits of Mentoring

by Deborah Heiser

March 6, 2017

Deborah Heiser, PhD, discussed emotional growth and generativity in later life.  She was​ joined by Susan Silver, who provided insights into making life meaningful through mentorship.

Do You Have a Passion for Life?
Artist and Curator, Sue Kreitzman shares her mentoring experience for The Mentor Project.

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