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Mike Passaretti: Mentor for a Minute
ULC Robotics

The Mentor Project toured ULC Robotics with Mentor for a Minute: Mike Passaretti.  This hands-on tour inspired the kids to imagine themselves as future robotics engineers.  They learned how to take an idea and turn it into a problem solving machine. 

Inspecting under a microscope

ULC Robotics is a leader in product development and engineering services for the natural gas, energy, industrial and electric distribution markets. The kids learned how engineers take an idea, bring it to  Research and Development,  and then solve a problem using Pipeline Robotics, and  Energy and Aerial Services.

From ULC: December 11, 2017



On Saturday, December 9, ULC’s Project Manager Mike Passaretti welcomed two students to our company headquarters to give a hands-on day of learning on robotics and other innovative technologies.

The tour included information on ULC’s Aerial Services division and Robotics program.  Olivia and Eric learned that robots fly, go underground, into pipes, and solve big problems. 

Mike acted as the program’s ‘Mentor for a Minute’ and opened Olivia and Eric’s eyes and minds to the possibilities engineering offers.

“It was amazing to have Olivia and Eric here and show them the incredible things ULC’s engineers get to do on a daily basis,” said Passaretti.  “Passing on my knowledge to the next generation of makers was a fulfilling experience that was not only inspiring but entertaining as well. We had loads of fun!”