The Mentor Project documents the role of mentoring and its powerful impact not only on the mentees but the mentor. During my research what I discovered was astonishing. After nearly45 in-depth interviews all the participants unanimously said being a mentor changed their life. It is now my mission to let others know the value and benefits mentors receive from giving back."

Deborah Heiser

Mentor for a Minute: Mike Passaretti

December 11, 2017


Have you ever wondered what a Robotics company lab looks like?  Have you ever wondered what a robotics engineer does? Well, Eric and Olivia were treated to a hands-on day of Robotics and technology learning by Mike Passaretti, of ULC Robotics in Hauppauge, NY.  Mike always knew he wanted to be an engineer, and was happy to show the next generation just what engineers get the opportunity to do every day.  Innovate.  Create.  Make.

Olivia and Eric learned that robots fly, go underground, into pipes, and solve big problems.  Mike opened their eyes and their minds to the possibilities engineering offers.  He is The Mentor Project's Mentor for a Minute, who made an impression of a lifetime! And, he had the chance to see the spark of excitement and inspiration in the next generation.  What a day for the mentor and the mentees!

P.S. Eric didn't waste time working on his Arduino kit at home creating amazing things with technology! 

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